9 Behaviors What Will Damage Your Happiness


Happiness and sadness are the destiny given by God Almighty, the Creator. Where, man was created to be happy and enjoy every phase of life without remorse by nature. However, there are some people who invite grief and limit their life with a negative mind.

When we see a baby is born, no one taught her to smile or laugh, but he decided to laugh in different ways, to desire that he cried.

Therefore, to be happy is not a response to human learning or training. If a person feels his life in regret and sadness are always in a protracted, then it is not aka find a bright spot in his life.

You might want to get away from things that do not make you happy. Remember life is destined once. Here are a few things that affect a person’s unhappiness, among them:

  1. Learning to accept reality

Feeling uncomfortable is an inseparable part of life. Life can be subtle, such as ‘ice cream’ and at the same time it can be difficult as the ‘coconut’. There was a balance between it all.

However, we must maintain our happiness. Someone who does not fit the facts, it will never be happy, they will only be lamenting grief. Therefore, we must learn to enjoy the hard part in this life.

  1. Do not want to Socialize

They are too busy with their work, have a life of more ‘edgy’ compared with someone who has a good socialization with friends or family. Spend time sitting at the computer, or meet with a stack of tasks, it will reduce your happiness in life. We encourage you to breathe fresh air, and play with your kids or meeting friends out there.

  1. Always Think and Say Negative

People with narrow thinking, may have limited experience to a certain extent. Every time they have a problem, not solve it. They might complicate it with negative thinking. They never will work to find a solution of the problem but will only complain about it. This makes them more depressed until eventually depression.

  1. Always Complaining

Complaining will not solve the problem, but will only make yourself lazy to think about other future which certainly can change your life for the better. If you have a problem, try to think for a solution, not just a dreamy and bemoan your problems, because it is useless.

  1. Choose Shortcuts

Sometimes, you ‘stuck’ with a problem. You choose the shortcut in the finish. That’s not true. Remember that anything that is instant that has no good end. However, if you try to get out of your problems with a fight, you will feel the satisfaction of your own work.

  1. Think before Acting

People who are unhappy are always acting impulsive and perform immediate reaction to things that they think are good or bad. They do not give enough time for themselves to think and analyze the situation. Think before you act, remember that you will receive consequences for the future. This prevents them from regretting later on.

  1. Mutual Blame

People are not happy, of course, will always run away from problems; they will continue to blame each other for the problems occurred. You should be careful to react, one-one you become an easy target of their frontal

  1. Jealous Seeing Other People’s Happiness

Unhappy people always feel envious of other people happy and successful. Rather than get motivation from these successful people. They enjoy talking bad about them and throw their energy in doing so. Be aware there is a typical person like that.

  1. Cover their Lack by Lying

People, who are not happy, always cover the shortfall by saying too much what it has today. They believe that what they think is right and this causes them to be more depressed.

They live in their own world, thinking negatively and believe that they can never go wrong. However, they forget that “People always do mistakes” and unless we listen to the thoughts and ideas presented by others, we can improve ourselves.

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