Want to Get Pregnant? Read These Seven Mistakes to Avoid!

get-pregnantThe young couple who just got married, of course, hopes to soon get a baby. But when you’re trying to get pregnant quickly, you surely must know some errors in the marital relationship.

According to the latest data, most couples make a mistake when trying to have a baby. And this is the main reason why they cannot afford to start a family.

Advice from us, do not believe the myths that significantly makes you feel uncomfortable in sexual intercourse with a partner. All you need to do is lead a healthy lifestyle, and always think positive. Several studies explain that there are some common mistakes made in sexual intercourse with partner. What are they?

First, making too much sexual intercourse which is not too good. This is because in this situation, you will spend a lot of energy. Thus, your body becomes unfit and makes any fertilization to fail.

Second, never try the various sex positions. In intercourse, is the most fundamental is the missionary position is a position where the men are above women. It is believed that the position is a good way to get pregnant quickly. But it was not entirely true. You should try some new techniques to increase the passion of lovemaking.

Third, mistakenly determines your fertile period. You should know that ovulation does not always occur at the same time each month because the cycle can fluctuate. Therefore, this should not be based on old school methods. This is because you are the one who know most of the things.

ovulationFourth, remember when your fertile period is. Ovulation is very important when sex is done. In this way speed up the process of fertilization. If ovulation occurs for one week, do not try on just one day alone. In addition, try on another day.

Fifth, use a lubricant. Lubricants on the market negatively affect sperm motility, making it harder for sperm to reach the egg. It is a mistake in making the child when trying to get pregnant.

Sixth, ignore the bad habits such as smoking, stress, alcohol and wrong lifestyle. Start learning how to be a good parent. This effect on the time you have sex.

Seventh, choose not to have sex. Although we live in a world that is super busy, but you should not forget that you need a family. Either way you have to cultivate in yourself that you have a sense of love.

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