9 Efficacies of Eggs for Health and Beauty

eggsEggs are a favorite food which is preferred by most people. Not only as a ‘complementary’ of rice or other dishes, but eggs can also be used as the main ingredient maker of cakes and also some refined cuisine dishes.

Eggs are rich in protein which is great for your child’s growth. However, some people avoid excessive consumption of eggs because it is believed to cause the cholesterol within the body.

Described in several researches, other important facts about eggs is that eggs contain 11 amino acids that have a reputation to survive in human beings. So, what is the truth function of eggs in our bodies?

First, the eggs can stabilize your appetite. It can help you who want to get into shape.

Second, your stress level will be reduced by eating eggs. Research shows that by eating eggs, it helps affect your mood indirectly.

Third, eggs are rich in vitamin B complex. Therefore, eggs are often used for beauty of the skin and hair as well. In fact, eggs are also good for your nervous system.

Fourth, the human body absorbs calcium and needs vitamin D for the intake of calcium. And, all of those components are included within the eggs. Indirectly, the eggs can give good things to your bones and teeth.

Fifth, in the content of the egg, there are also good and bad cholesterol. When the good cholesterol as higher egg whites became safe for your body

Sixth, eggs are good for the brain because eggs can improve neurological function in your body.

Seventh, the eggs may reduce cardiovascular symptoms. Eggs can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as a result of bad cholesterol in your arteries.

However, you cannot blame eggs for bad cholesterol because eggs also contain good cholesterol. That is why health experts say that the eggs may also reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease.

Eighth, eggs boost the immune system. Eggs are useful boost your immune system and help the body fight infection. So, when you eat it regularly, it can definitely improve your health.

Ninth, the eggs can increase the energy in your body. Eggs are beneficial to increase the energy level of the body to obtain certain vitamins that help to convert food into energy. In conclusion, eggs contain the right nutrients for your body.

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