8 Amazing Things That Cabbage Can Do for Human Health

Who does not know this type of vegetable? Cabbage (or cabbage, red) is a vegetable originating from Southern European countries as well as Western Europe. These vegetables can be used as various forms of cuisine.

cabbageMany who did not think that cabbage is not only served as food per se, but this type of vegetables cabbage it also has beneficial properties for the health of the human body.

Similarly, reported on NaturalNews page, that there are eight amazing things from cabbage benefits to human health. Among them:


We often eat cabbage for vegetables. It turned out that the cabbage is very effective in preventing and treating several types of cancer. That is because in the womb there is a cabbage substance ‘sulforaphane’ which effectively prevents cells from carcinogens.

Additionally, when you present the cabbage in the form of a ‘smoothie juice’, an isocyanate is able to avoid lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. In fact, it can also assist the quick recovery in the healing process after illness.

Immune system

In addition to preventing cancer, cabbage can also boost the human immune system. These vegetables can regulate the ‘T’ cells and help in the treatment of allergies due to the presence of chemicals called “histidine”. Glucosinolates found in cabbage juice also stimulates the immune system.

Improves brain function

Cabbage contains K vitamin and ‘anthocyanins’. This contributes to mental function and concentration. It is because these nutrients prevent nerve damage, improve defenses against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Red beet is the best combination for this.

Heart disease

Selenium is found in cabbage juice and helps protect your body from heart disease. In addition, high levels of Omega 3 essential fatty acids help prevent cardiovascular disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.


Cabbage juice is naturally high in selenium, which helps to combat the symptoms of arthritis. Anti-inflammatory properties of cabbage juice are also useful in combating a variety of other degenerative inflammatory disorder.

Anti aging

Drinking cabbage juice is like drinking from the fountain of youth. Anti-aging juice helps prevent dryness and fine lines.


The high levels of folic acid in the cabbage juice help your body to build new blood cells. In this way, raw cabbage juice drink that is healthy and natural way to treat anemia.


Cabbage juice is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties. It is very useful to help you face the ‘battle’ degenerative arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Amino acids found in cabbage juice are also good for reducing inflammation human skin.

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