Excessive Diet Brings No Good – This What Doctor Suggests


A want to have the ideal posture is the desire of every human being. However, sometimes people who have problems with weight (or obesity) are often mistaken in addressing diet and life to lose weight.

Related to the above, described by doctors Kelly Shirley, MSc, Nutrition Expert from Hospital of New Orleans, preferably before we do a program, whether it is weight loss program or body building program, we have to first identify its function. This is because fat is needed by our body as metabolic processes in the body.

“Fat is needed as the metabolic processes in our body. Besides, fats are also needed in order to form the hormones in our bodies such as hormones and hormone estrogen sharing. So basically, the fat is extremely needed by the body. However, if the conditions are excessive, it can lead to a disease, “explains Doctor Kelly, to sourceauthority.com, in Washington, recently.

He again explained about the side effects of excessive fat. This can cause cholesterol and fatty liver disease in the organs of the body, usually when it occurs in liver.

“Fat consumption that is too excessive can lead to high cholesterol and triglyceride which is fatal to the body,” he added firmly.

Related to fat cholesterol in the body, according to Doctor Kelly, there are several types of fats that we must understand about the function and the effect.

“First of all, we must know that there are several types of fats, which are cholesterol, ‘low density lipoprotein (LDL)’ which is known as good cholesterol, and there is also the opposite of ‘high density lipoprotein (HDL)’ or bad fats and also triglycerides.

To note, the good fat (LDL) has a function as a carrier of bad cholesterol (HDL) so that it can be metabolized, so the doctor Kelly said.

Responding to someone who has obesity and want to lose fat, the doctor Kelly suggested performing it gradually.

“If you already know that he or she is obese and the fat in the body are high enough, then it is recommended to lose weight gradually. It is not that good for having extreme weight loss in the short term, so there should be a regular exercise, and the diet should also be lowered gradually, and cholesterol foods should also be maintained, “She said.

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