Several Types of Diets That You Need to Know

Diet should not agonize and make a lot of things bothered yours. Diet itself should be fun and make you stay fit and reach your ideal weight.

Unfortunately, often a lot of people stop dieting because it is exhausting, boring, annoying, and not making any good results. All of them are caused by some misleading dietary advice below.

Eat only fruit for breakfast

This diet sounds healthy, but Lauren Harris Pincuss, co-founder of NutritionStaringYOU said that this diet is ridiculous. What nutrients can be supplied from an apple?

Perhaps some vitamins can be given, but it will not be enough to provide energy. In fact, in the morning you pretty much need energy to do this and that. As a result, you are so often put off exercise, or activities that are heavy enough.

Eating fruit alone will make the digestion absorbing sugar quickly and spending it in a heartbeat. This means, you will be feeling hungry much easier and will eat in large quantities at a lunch portion.

detoxificationExcessive Detoxification

How many times detoxification that you do in a week? Detoxification is actually pretty good run to help cleanse the digestive tract. But if it is done too often, it can cause inflammation in the digestive tract. The roots of the disease will also grow and make your weight go up instead.

Inject Parasites

There are several types of parasites that when injected into the body, it will help you lose weight. Clearly, this is a silly idea, because you never know how the development of the parasite in the body is, and whether it could mutate and eventually harm the body.

cotton-ball-dietSpot cotton balls

Not a bit of you know people who do this cotton ball diet. The method tells you to swallow some wadding to hold hunger. This will make you feel full because it absorbs water and expands in the digestive tract.

But, unfortunately, this is not the cotton fiber that actually helps the digestion. This method can actually cause irritation of the gut and make the lack of nutrition.

hcg-dietIncreasing the HCG hormone

HCG diet is commonly referred to as starvation diets. Most HCG diet clinics providers can help patients consume only 500 calories per day. No wonder that the weight can be decreased within a short amount of time. There are two types of HCG methods, which are HCG injection and HCG drops. The HCG injection method works like injecting parasites into your body and it is not recommended for your health. However, the HCG drops method, is admitted to be safer than the other one.

Eating one type of food

Ever heard of celery diet? Diet where someone is only allowed to eat celery and drink lots of water. This diet is usually done to lose weight drastically. This kind of diet is usually performed by the athletes before the game. What about the result? This can be predictable it if done in the long term. Not only starve, but this will also make the body lacks of nutrients.

If you think that diet above can help you reach your ideal weight, then you need to do some more research. Is health is more important, or the numbers on the scales?

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